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This is Aimee Steinberger's journal. It's filled with sketches, costumes, kimono and photos of cats and flowers.

If you'd like to see my artwork you can use the "art" tag here on my LJ (I always post my artwork to LJ first...) or you can view my portfolio and resume on my website.

I am currently an animator and assistant director at Rough Draft Studios on various projects including the new season of Futurama. I previously worked for Warner Brothers, Film Roman on the Simpsons and Disney in various animation artist positions.

I don't really add people unless I know them personally, thanks for your understanding! Feel free to watch or add though as you like! :) Most of the posts are public, including art posts.

My book, Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan, is out through Go! Comi! You can also find it on Amazon and your local bookstore or comicbook store. It's a story of my two girl friends and I in Japan. :)
If you've read Japan Ai and would like to leave me a comment about it I'd really appreciate it! (or you can email me.)

I took a $1.50 bunny hand towel from Daiso and put it on my old navy pullover!

If you want to try, I fray checked around the edge of the bunny and cut the bunny out. I pinned the bunny carefully onto the sweatshirt making sure not to catch the other side or the pocket. I then basted the bunny on and used a satin stitch to applique it on. Ta da!


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River Song Doctor Who Art Nouveau

I finished up my Art Nouveau River Song from Doctor Who image! I hope you like! The base color was done with COPIC markers and then I overlayed a galaxy photo and colored the linework in Photoshop. If you’d like to buy a print 11×14″ ($12) or 8×10″($8) +$4 shipping, please email me at sweetmomokoATmac.com (replace AT with @). You can also combine with my other current print sales here.
There will also be 11 prints of this for sale in person at Gallifrey convention next month. Thanks for your support!

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Come See Me at Anime Los Angeles!

Come See Me at Anime Los Angeles! I’ll be at the Artist Alley most of the weekend at table 22A!

I’ll have my new Idol and Rococo Sailor Moon prints as well as these four new pieces and lots of other stuff! Woo!

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Review 2014!

It’s almost 2015…! I hope you had a great year. Thanks for following me! :)

Here’s a few of my favorite artworks I did! A lot of Sailor Moon this year! I got tired thumbnailing all the sewing projects so here’s just a few of my favorite artworks instead of all of them from this year.


And here’s most of the things I sewed this year! whew! Pretty industrious for a mom of twins. haha.


Here’s to making a ton of silly things next year, too!

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Michelle’s Sailor Moon Wedding Dress

Sailor Moon Wedding

Helping Michelle with her Sailor Moon Wedding Dress!

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Colette Dahlia Plaid Dress

Just a quick post! I finished my cotton plaid Colette Dahlia pattern dress!

It’s not exactly adventurous of me to make a plaid dress when one of the sample dresses was plaid, but I had already wanted to make a plaid dress and loved how their’s looked! I also loved that I was able to find this fabric for $2 a yard. Score! The pattern went together pretty easily and I liked how it was designed to work well with stripes and plaids. They even have a special PDF for tips for matching stripes and plaids. I added pockets. :)
Colette Dahlia

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Hello Kitty Con 2014

We loved going to Hello Kitty Con!

I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was a little girl. When I was little there was one gift shop that was far away from me that had this little cart of Sanrio items. I remember that precious cart so clearly in my head! My mom would take me occasionally as a special treat. Now as an adult, I still love Sanrio’s appealingly designed items. I really love that Hello Kitty and Sanrio products have been easier to get as the years have gone by. Sanrio fabric can now be bought from USA shops instead of having to use a shopping service from Japan to get it. Target has coloring books for my toddlers and shirts for me and them. We were all very excited to go to the first ever Hello Kitty Convention for her 40th birthday. It sold out weeks before, too, so we felt very lucky to go!

I had already made special coordinating Hello Kitty dresses for the twins’ 2nd birthday, so for Hello Kitty Con, I made myself a matching dress, too! My dress is a 1947 inspired dress from sewing pattern Butterick B5209 with a dirndl skirt substituted. The fabric is Kokka Hello Kitty Japan from fabric.com. Of course, toddlers being toddlers, they wouldn’t look at the camera.

Hello Kitty Dress

People dressed up with their family and friends in coordinating Sanrio character inspired outfits, handmade costumes and a lot of adorable outfits from JapanLA and Hello Kitty bows all over from IamChubbyBunny. It was so adorable to see so many life-long Hello Kitty fans in the same place. Everyone was very excited.

Some of the highlights for me (in no particular order) were:

  • Target Presents: The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Bullseye – This hard to get into room was worth the wait. My daughter really loved the music game where you hit the flowers to create tones. One of the Target staff guys adorably helped us play. The animated gif photo booths were totally fun as well as the video games! I won a Target pink bullseye plush and a Hello Kitty iPad mini case.


(The two photos below with big thanks to Shannon Cottrell.)
Hello Kitty Con

Hello Kitty Con

  • Hello Kitty Cafe Food Truck – This adorable pink truck was the precursor for the coming Hello Kitty SoCal restaurant! They had wonderful Hello Kitty inspired donuts, macaroons and petit fours! I’m definitely looking forward to the coming full cafe.

Hello Kitty Petit Four
Hello Kitty Cafe

  • Lovely Kitty Wonder – curated by Stephiee Nguyen of JapanLA! Gorgeous and imaginative Hello Kitty inspired couture dresses! Metal corsets, laser cut dresses and mermaids…! Some of the talented designers were Mother of London, Ophelia-OverdoseCreatures of Habit and Fiori Couture!
  • Super Supermarket – A lot of awesome Hello Kitty stuff I hadn’t seen before and some awesome exclusives for the con! I immediately ran to the JapanLA booth to try to get one of the limited pink Hello Kitty Kaijus they were selling. (Only 9 a day!) They also had limited Sephora makeup collaborations, beautiful Loungefly bags, Hello Kitty/SPAM musubi kit, super cute Bedhead Pajamas and adorable toys.


  • The JANM Hello Kitty Exhibit and Gift Shop – The exhibit was really gorgeous (and is open until April!) Lots of vintage Hello Kitty items, but for me the real treat was the imaginative artworks created for the show. I especially loved the Hello Kitty godzilla-like kaiju, the Hello Kitty “cake” and the giant Tokidoki Hello Kitty Egyptian statue. The giftshop had a lot of beautiful items with the Japanese Kokeshi Doll inspired Hello Kitty logo. There was a Precious Moments HK Kokeshi, large plushes, bags and bobble heads, all very well designed.


  • I also loved seeing the very first Hello Kitty item ever made, a small coin purse! It really gave perspective to how Hello Kitty has grown. They also had a giant coin purse you could pose inside! There were other fun backdrops to take photos with, too.



There were also fun food and tea events at participating local restaurants for Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt and a few celebrities and famous folks showed up at various times over the weekend like Yoshiki, Misako Aoki, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Katie Perry!

I hate to say this, since I love Hello Kitty so much, but there were definitely issues with crowd control. Perhaps “you can never have too many friends”, but it was too many friends in a small space. Many activities or features seemed designed for children, but the crowd issues made it very hard for children to actually participate. For instance it was impossible for me to have my daughters get a photo with any of the “walk-around” Sanrio characters because they were in crowded areas that we couldn’t even reach with the stroller. There were no queues to take pictures with them. There was no place to leave the stroller either, not in the Geffen or the JANM and some areas were so crowded that the girls could have been trampled easily if they were walking. The Target/Hello Kitty room only had room for a queue of about 10 people, after that you were not allowed to line up, which made it extremely hard to do that very fun event. I went back three times to try to get in line for a custom sign board from one of the Sanrio artists and was told I couldn’t line up each time. Hopefully if they do it again (and I hope they do!!) they will have better line and crowd control since Hello Kitty is for people of all ages and it’s very hard for children to wait in line for 3-5 hours (which is what the line for one of the shops was…!) The actual events and activities were well done and awesome, though. Many of the staff went out of their way to try to help us with the crowd issues, too, which I really appreciated. Everyone was very nice, it was just too many people in a small space.

I didn’t take a ton of photos but you can find more photos of all the Hello Kitty awesomeness at LAweekly here , here and here. BudgetFairytale also has a nice con write up!

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